Bluewater Astronomical Society

The Bluewater Astronomical Society (BAS) is an incorporated non-profit organization that strives to promote basic and advanced astronomical knowledge among its members, and promote astronomy interest in the general public.

We have members who range from beginners with small telescopes or binoculars to experts with state-of-the-art equipment. The club itself owns a large 28-inch Webster Dobsonian reflector which we use regularly at the largest publicly-accessible roll-off observatory in Ontario, the ES Fox observatory at the Bluewater Outdoor Education Centre (BOEC) near Oliphant, Ontario. The BOEC was granted dark sky preserve status in November of 2012 by the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada.

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SH2-101 Tulip nebula in Cygnus - Frank Williams

Perseid meteor shower at the Fox - August 12

August 12 marks the peak of the 2022 Perseid meteor shower, and the ES Fox observatory will be open for any and all who would like to attend and see the meteor shower. The sun sets at 20:36 EDT, so arrive before dark so you can make your way safely down to the observing area. We suggest bringing a lawn chair, clothing appropriate for the weather and some bug spray. Directions to the observatory and parking instructions can be found here. Some more information on the Perseid meteor shower can be found here under the August 12 entry. As a reminder, alcohol/drugs and smoking are not allowed. There is a portable washroom available. The event is, of course, weather dependent.

International Dark Sky Week April 22-30

Hello members! International Dark Sky Week is fast approaching! In lieu of doing public events, we have secured observatory access every day and night from April 22-30 inclusive. As a reminder, this is for members and their guests only. Note also that April 30 marks the new moon and our mostly monthly Dark of the Moon viewing. If you'd like to take advantage of our dark skies, send an email to your favourite president to make sure someone can be at the observatory to meet you there.

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