Selected astronomical and BAS club events for 2022

Date Event (Location) Topic
Jan. 30 Dark of Moon viewing (Fox)
Mar. 2 Monthly meeting (Zoom) Annual general meeting, JWST update
Mar. 5 Dark of Moon viewing (Fox)
Apr. 6 Monthly meeting (Zoom) Deep space imaging under light-polluted skies
Apr. 30 Dark of Moon viewing (Fox)
May 4 Monthly meeting (Zoom) 20 brightest stars series concl.
May 15 Total lunar eclipse (Fox)
May 28 Dark of Moon viewing (Fox)
June 1 Monthly meeting (OEC) Why/how to photograph all Messier objects
June 3 MacGregor Point Huron Fringe Birders presentation/viewing
June 4 Fox Imaging workshop with Frank Williams
June 21 Keppel Croft Gardens Summer solstice, solar noon 13:25 EDT
June 25 Dark of Moon viewing (Fox)
July 6 Monthly meeting (OEC) NASA Dragonfly project - Josh Hedgepeth
July 30 Dark of Moon viewing (Fox) Let us know if you wish to attend!
Aug. 12 Fox Perseid meteor shower peak
Aug. 27 Dark of Moon viewing (Fox)
Sept. 7 Monthly meeting (OEC)
Sept. 24 Dark of Moon viewing (Fox)
Oct. 5 Monthly meeting (Zoom)
Oct. 22 Dark of Moon viewing (Fox)
Nov. 2 Monthly meeting (Zoom)
Nov. 26 Dark of Moon viewing (Fox)
Dec. 7 Monthly meeting (Zoom)
Dec. 24 Dark of Moon viewing (Fox)

A complete list of astronomy events for 2022 is available from AstroPixels. Also available here are the SkyNews top 10 astronomical events of 2022, created by Brian Ventrudo, and the IMO 2022 meteor shower calendar.

Notes about observing

Observing mostly happens at the ES Fox observatory, but there will be other venues periodically. Observing events at the observatory are open to the public on public viewing nights only. We may not have access on weekdays or weekday evenings during the school year. All observing events require clear skies and are therefore weather dependent; if it is overcast or raining, observing will not be possible. If you arrive at the venue under those conditions, there may not be any BAS members there. If events have been cancelled we will do our best to indicate this on the home page in a timely manner. Note that at most observing locations there are no permanent on-site washroom facilities.

Alcohol/drugs and smoking are prohibited at the observatory at all times.

BAS meetings

BAS regular meetings typically occur on the first Wednesday of every month at 7 p.m. except for January and February (due to possible inclement weather). These meetings are open to the public at no charge. Meetings occur at either the ES Fox observatory or in Bailey Hall (room 315) at Owen Sound District Secondary School (OSDSS). Click
here to find maps to these locations. Currently we hold our meetings via Zoom. If you are interested in joining our monthly Zoom meeting, email us using the Contact us page.