Notes about observing

Observing mostly happens at the E.S. Fox observatory, but there will be other venues periodically. Observing events at the observatory are open to the public on our Dark of the Moon nights only. If you're interested in coming to the observatory on a different night, send us an email using the Contact us page and we will see if we can accommodate you.

All observing events require clear skies and are therefore weather dependent; if it is overcast or raining, observing will not be possible. If you arrive at the venue under those conditions, there may not be any BAS members there. If events have been cancelled we will do our best to indicate this on the home page in a timely manner. Note that at most observing locations there are no permanent on-site washroom facilities.

Alcohol, drugs and smoking are prohibited at the observatory at all times.

Monthly meeting information

BAS regular meetings typically occur on the first Wednesday of every month at 7 p.m. except for January and February. These meetings are open to the public at no charge. If you are interested in joining our monthly meeting, email us using the
Contact us page.

Meeting location addresses

We are always interested in hearing feedback from people on what topics they are interested in and specific aspects of the hobby they enjoy. It gives everyone a chance to learn something new and network with others who share a similar interest. Please share those with us or let us know of a speaker you’d like us to invite so we can make our meetings more enjoyable for all.

2023/2024 Selected astronomical and BAS club events

Date Event Notes
Feb. 10Dark of Moon viewingFox observatory
Mar. 6Annual general meetingNew Life Centre
Mar. 9Dark of Moon viewingFox observatory
Apr. 3Monthly meetingNew Life Centre
Apr. 6Dark of Moon viewingFox observatory
May 1Monthly meetingNew Life Centre
May 5Dark of Moon viewingFox observatory
May 31Huron Fringe Birding FestivalMacGregor Point PP
June 5Monthly meetingNew Life Centre
June 8Dark of Moon viewingFox observatory
June 20Summer solsticeKeppel Croft Gardens
June 29Dark of Moon viewingFox observatory
July 3Monthly meetingNew Life Centre
July 5-7BPNP camping trip
Aug. 3Dark of Moon viewingFox observatory
Aug. 7Monthly meetingNew Life Centre
Aug. 8-11Starfest
Aug. 12Perseid meteor shower
Aug. 30Dark of Moon viewingFox observatory
Sept. 4Monthly meetingNew Life Centre
Sept. 6-8Inverhuron PP camping trip
Oct. 2Monthly meetingNew Life Centre
Oct. 5Dark of Moon viewingFox observatory
Nov. 2Dark of Moon viewingFox observatory
Nov. 6Monthly meetingNew Life Centre
Nov. 30Dark of Moon viewingFox observatory
Dec. 4Monthly meetingNew Life Centre
Dec. 13Geminid meteor shower
Dec. 30Dark of Moon viewingFox observatory