The best site for up-to-date comet viewing information (updated weekly) is Seiichi Yoshida’s comet site here. Any pictures/links from are used with the permission of Seiichi Yoshida.

Comets above magnitude 11 or so (to keep them within binocular range) are shown in the screenshot below taken from

If you are keen to hunt rather faint comets, there are four possibilities in the sky right now. These are C/2020 P1 NEOWISE, C/2020 M3 ATLAS, C/2020 S3 Erasmus and 156/P Russell LINEAR. Finder charts from Bob King, S&T writer, are shown below. For details on observing these comets have a look at his article here. Links to the finder charts are provided there. A new Comet NEOWISE has "appeared" in the morning sky and is predicted to reach magnitude 8.7 in late October. Also keep an eye on Comet ATLAS as it seems to be brightening.

The magnitude graph below from plots magnitude vertically and date horizontally, with observers' estimates for comet C/2020 M3 ATLAS.

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