The best site for up-to-date comet viewing information is Dominic Ford’s comet site Any pictures/links are used with permission. Go to his comets page for a table of comets sorted by magnitude. Finder charts can also be found through this page.

Seiichi Yoshida also has a comet reporting site: Click here for his comets page that is updated weekly.

Currently visible comets (binocular/telescope)

Comet Leonard disintegrated as it passed the Sun, so there will be no return to our skies for a repeat. Other comets listed on brighter that 10th or 11th magnitude are technically visible in binoculars or telescopes. No comets brighter than 9th magnitude are in the sky presently. C/2017 K2 appears to be a possibility for a binocular object later this summer. See this comet's magnitude graph at the bottom of this page. Comet C/2021 O3 PanSTARRS has appeared on the scene but has not brightened as expected and is now fading.

The plot below from shows the magnitude (brightness) of C/2017 K2. The apparent magnitude is plotted vertically and date horizontally, with observers' estimates indicated as dots.

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